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Business & Commercial Solicitors in Hastings

Running a successful business involves a diverse range of tasks and responsibilities. A business and commercial solicitor can provide informative advice and guidance to protect your business’s interests.

Stephen Rimmer’s business and commercial solicitors in Hastings collectively have decades of expertise in all variations of commercial matters. When instructing our team, you can be confident of receiving pragmatic and hands-on legal advice helping to put strong foundations in place for success and sidestepping problems where possible.

How we can help you with business and commercial law in Hastings

Our Hastings business lawyers offer sensible, pragmatic support for business and commercial matters, including:

Why choose our business and commercial lawyers in Hastings?

Your business, its circumstances and its needs are completely unique from other businesses, and at Stephen Rimmer, we recognise this. Our team of business solicitors will take the time to carefully understand what assistance your business requires, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet those needs.

Our team have assisted businesses of all sizes, including sole traders, small and large-scale enterprises, entrepreneurs and more.

Our client care and the management of our practice have been recognised through the Law Society’s Lexcel accreditation, providing complete reassurance to clients over our business and commercial expertise.

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How we can help with commercial and business law advice in Hastings

Business sales, acquisitions & mergers

Any type of transaction, acquisition and merger needs to be correctly approached, in order to negotiate the right deal and structure.

Our solicitors will handle all the important legal details, having guided businesses of all industries and sizes. We have a wealth of expertise in all business transactions matters, including high pressure situations which need a higher level of support.

Our commercial lawyers in Hastings can assist with all types of business transactions, including:

  • Buying a business
  • Selling a business
  • Business mergers
  • Buying and selling business premises
  • Buying and selling business assets
  • Continuity of commercial contracts and agreements

Find out more about our business sales, acquisitions & mergers services.

Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts are significant foundations for businesses, ensuring ongoing professional relationships are correctly managed with partners, clients and suppliers.

Collectively we have considerable experience, skill and dedication in providing specialist advice in all commercial contract matters. Our team can help to add real-world value and stop potential problems from arising.

Our Hastings solicitors can assist with:

  • Drafting commercial contracts and agreements from scratch
  • Reviewing and advising on the terms of a proposed commercial contract
  • Reviewing an existing commercial contract
  • Negotiating commercial contracts
  • Breaches of contract
  • Dealing with commercial contract disputes

Find out more about our commercial contracts services.

Commercial litigation

Disputes within your business can have a detrimental impact on all operating areas. Such disputes can impact your finances and your reputation, taking time and energy that could have been put to better use. For this reason, resolving commercial litigation at the earliest opportunity is crucial.

Our solicitors provide advice and practical guidance in an amicable, cost-effective manner, protecting your business’s best interests. Should court litigation be necessary, the Stephen Rimmer commercial litigation solicitors can deliver robust representation.

Our expertise includes:

Find out more about our commercial litigation services.

Commercial property

Commercial property is one of the most important and valuable business investments, so handling these transactions properly is important.

At Stephen Rimmer, the commercial property team deliver commercially astute legal expertise in all aspects of commercial property, including development and property portfolio management. We personalise our advice and guidance to align with your business needs and goals.

Our solicitors in Hastings expertise includes:

Find out more about our commercial property services.

Debt recovery

Waiting on delayed or refused payments from customers or clients can quickly impact your ability to repay your own debt with suppliers and creditors. Recovering funds quickly is essential to ensure your business continues to operate effectively.

Our solicitors have substantial debt recovery skills, quickly reacquiring owed debts in a cost-effective manner while maintaining commercial relationships where possible. We can approach matters in an amicable setting through methods of ADR but should matters need taking further, we can carry out debt recovery legal action.

Our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings expertise includes:

  • Drafting and serving Letters Before Action to demand repayment of a debt
  • Engaging in pre-action negotiations and advising you on the viability of settlement offers
  • Investigating a debtor’s ability to repay and advising on the viability of legal action
  • County Court money claims
  • Enforcing County Court Judgments (CCJs) using County Court bailiffs
  • Transferring CCJs to the High Court to authorise High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce the debt (Writs of Control)
  • Seeking Charging Orders to secure debts over property
  • Enforcing the sale of property to repay a debt
  • Providing advice on insolvency procedures, including:
  • Advising on whether pursuing insolvency action is the right option for your business
  • Serving Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy petitions (to make an individual bankrupt)
  • Winding Up petitions (to make a company insolvent)
  • Moratoriums and restructuring procedures under the recently introduced Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

Find out more about our debt recovery services.


Adhering to employment law is crucial, including having the right documents and procedures in place should you be faced with any legal issues. Acquiring advice and assistance from a solicitor is the best way to access support with employment law matters.

Our solicitors strive to take a proactive approach to employment law, ensuring you receive practical and bespoke advice and support. We will ensure strong foundations are in place, helping to avoid needless conflict where possible. Our legal team can offer support with matters to include:

  • Discrimination
  • Unfair
  • Constructively unfair and wrongful dismissal
  • Breach of contract
  • Collective consultation
  • Family friendly rights
  • Restructures
  • Redundancy
  • Employee exit strategy
  • Executive severance
  • Whistleblowing
  • TUPE
  • Data Protection
  • Law relating to Part-time employees and Fixed Term Workers
  • Working Time Regulations
  • Unlawful deductions
  • Time off to train or care for a dependant
  • Disciplinary, capability, performance management and grievance procedures.

Find out more about our employment services.

Our legal services for business fees in Hastings

Fixed fee business and commercial services in Hastings

For business and commercial matters that are more straightforward to provide advice and guidance on, our solicitors may be able to offer our services on a fixed fee basis. This means you will be aware of the cost in advance.

Hourly rates for business and commercial advice in Hastings

For business and commercial issues which require further assistance and support, we may need to charge our services at an hourly rate based on the solicitor used. Our team will provide a cost estimate so you can budget accordingly.

Find out more about our hourly rates and the way we charge for our work.

Business and commercial resources in Hastings

Hastings County Court and Family Court

This is the local family law court for people in Hastings and the surrounding area.

For more information, including opening times, please refer to the Hastings County Court and Family Court webpage.

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