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Criminal Defence Solicitors in Hastings

Expert criminal defence in Hastings

If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged with a crime or convicted, our experts can provide 24/7 legal support. We can give you the best legal defence possible for all types of criminal matters, including everything from motoring offences to the most serious charges.

How we can help with criminal defence in Hastings

Our Hastings criminal defence lawyers offer:

  • 24/7 police station representation
  • Specialist advice and representation for driving offences
  • Court representation
  • Appeals
  • Legal advice and representation for prisoners

We can offer both legal aid and privately funded criminal defence services.

Why choose our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings?

Over the years, our criminal defence team have represented a wide variety of clients dealing with very difficult situations. When you are facing criminal charges or are dealing with any other stage of criminal proceedings, we are here to help.

We provide clear, realistic legal advice with the goal of securing the best outcome for our clients, no matter how challenging the situation they are facing. With our defence team in your corner, you will have the best chance of avoiding charges, securing acquittal or minimising any penalties where conviction cannot be avoided.

With a strong track record of successfully representing clients at every stage of proceedings, you can be confident that your defence is in safe hands with the team at Stephen Rimmer.

Our team have represented clients at all levels of the court system, including Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court. We can be by your side from your first contact with police through to any subsequent investigation, prosecution and appeal if required.

We are accredited by the Law Society for Criminal Litigation providing independent recognition of our expertise across all areas of criminal law work.

Contact our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings

Our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings work with clients all across East Sussex, including Bexhill-on-Sea, Hailsham, Polegate, Battle, Pevensey and St Leonards-on-Sea.

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How we can help with criminal defence advice in Hastings

Police Station Representation

We provide 24 hour police station representation 7 days a week. Our experienced duty solicitors and Police Station accredited representatives can assist anyone who has been arrested or is facing interview under caution, either on a legal aid or privately funded basis.

Our solicitors can also provide representation at council offices, courts, prisons and detention centres where required.

Driving Offences

While motoring offences are often seen as less serious than other types of criminal offences, the consequences can still be significant. A conviction could lead to a fine, penalty points, disqualification from driving or even a prison sentence in the worst case scenario.

Our Hastings criminal defence lawyers are experts in representing clients facing the full range of motoring offences. We can help you to protect your licence and minimise any other penalties, or even see charges dropped where possible.

Find out more about our road traffic offences pricing.

Court representation

Should you need to attend court for a hearing, we can provide expert representation or instruct a barrister to act for you. This helps to ensure you have continuity of representation, so the person representing you is on top of all of the details of your case.


Where you wish to appeal a conviction, we can support you. Our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings can advise you on your right to appeal and support you through every stage of the appeals process. Using our expertise, we can increase your chances of a successful appeal by making sure no angle is overlooked.

Legal advice and representation for prisoners

We are one of a handful of East Sussex law firms authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to represent prisoners. We support prisoners who are serving and on remand with matters including parole applications, temporary releases and licences.

Does it matter which solicitor you use for your legal defence?

If you are arrested or interviewed under caution, you can choose to be represented by the ‘duty solicitor’ available. While all duty solicitors are qualified legal advisors, this does not necessarily mean you will get the best possible support by using a duty solicitor.

The reason for this is that duty solicitors take cases on a ‘cab rank’ basis, i.e. whichever duty solicitor is next in line when you are being interviewed will take on your case, even if they don’t necessarily have the most relevant expertise or experience.

The advantage of choosing your own solicitor is that you can make sure you have representation from someone with specific expertise in the types of charges you are facing. This is especially important for more complex charges and situations, where that specific experience could make all the difference to the outcome of your case.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether to accept the duty solicitor on call or pick your own legal representative, but it is worth remembering that, once you have made your choice, you will only be allowed to switch solicitor in exceptional circumstances without losing legal aid funding.

Our criminal defence advice fees in Hastings

Legal aid funded criminal defence

You are entitled to free legal representation if you have been arrested or interviewed in relation to a potential criminal offence. While you can use the duty solicitor available at the time, you can also choose your own criminal defence solicitor and still have the cost covered for you.

Should you be prosecuted, some or all of the cost of your legal defence may be covered by legal aid as well. Exactly how much financial assistance you can get with funding your legal defence will depend on factors including whether your case is heard in Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court, your financial situation and if access to legal advice for your defence is considered to be “in the interests of justice”. 

Privately funded criminal defence

If you are privately funding your criminal defence, we can offer the highest level of expertise for your case. This ensures you get exactly the right legal experience for your specific circumstances, so your defence is as strong as possible.

Speak to our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings

Our criminal defence solicitors in Hastings work with clients all across East Sussex, including Bexhill-on-Sea, Hailsham, Polegate, Battle, Pevensey and St Leonards-on-Sea.

To speak to a member of our team, you can:

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