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Expert employment law advice in Hastings

Employment law is a highly complex area for both employers and employees to navigate. Our employment lawyers in Hastings are on hand to explain your rights and obligations, guiding you to the best possible outcome for your situation.

How we can help employers in Hastings

Our Hastings employment lawyers offer clear, expert support for matters including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Grievance procedures
  • Dismissing employees
  • Redundancy
  • TUPE
  • Employment disputes

How we can help employees in Hastings

Our team can offer sensible, pragmatic advice to employees on their employment rights, including in relation to:

  • Settlement agreements
  • Employment disputes

Why choose our employment lawyers in Hastings?

Our Employment Law team has extensive experience advising a wide range of businesses and individuals facing many different scenarios.

We can provide our expertise at an early stage to avoid potential issues or step in when a problem has arisen to help you swiftly achieve a favourable resolution.

Drawing on strong alternative dispute resolution skills, we can settle most employment disputes privately and cost-effectively. However, should employment tribunal proceedings be required, we can back you every step of the way.

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We offer a free, no obligation 30-minute chat with one of our specialist employment lawyers in Hastings to all new clients.

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Employment law advice for employers in Hastings

Employment contracts

Employment contracts govern the relationship between employers and employees, so getting them right is critical to the success of those relationships. The terms must be clear and cover all foreseeable scenarios, while also fully complying with UK employment law.

Our employment lawyers in Hastings can assist employers with drafting robust contracts and related documents that form part of an employee’s terms of employment. We can also interpret these documents for employers, so they are clear on their options and obligations in any situation.

Find out more about our expertise with employment contracts.

Grievance procedures

Employers must have clear and appropriate grievance procedures in place that fit the legal requirements of UK employment law. It is always sensible to get expert advice when creating these procedures and before using them to minimise any legal risk.

Our team can assist with drafting, reviewing and amending grievance procedures. If you need to deal with an employee grievance, we can provide consultation on exactly what you need to do and any actions you should avoid.

Find out more about our expertise with grievance procedures.

Dismissing employees

Dismissing an employee is not a step that should be taken lightly as there can be significant legal risks if you fail to follow the correct process. You should also speak to an expert employment lawyer before a dismissal.

Our employment law solicitors in Hastings can assist with creating and managing disciplinary proceedings, as well as the steps you need to take to ensure a fair, legally compliant dismissal.

Find out more about our expertise with dismissing employees.


Making redundancies is always a hard decision, but one that is sometimes unavoidable. If you are in this situation as an employer, you must seek expert support to ensure a fair redundancy process.

Our team can advise on the process and provide support to you and your employees. This includes independent legal advice for employees on the terms of any settlement agreements offered.

Find out more about our expertise with redundancy.


When businesses merge or there is a takeover, it is sometimes necessary to transfer employees to a different employer. Such transfers must be carried out according to the process set out in the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006, commonly referred to as ‘TUPE’.

Our employment lawyers in Hastings can guide employers through employee transfers in accordance with TUPE, ensuring everything is done in line with the regulations.

Find out more about our expertise with TUPE.

Employment disputes

Disputes with employees can offer a significant area of risk for employers. Not only is there a legal and financial risk, but if the dispute becomes public, it has the potential to seriously damage your reputation.

Our team can support you through responding to a dispute, seeking an early resolution in private wherever possible.

Find out more about our employment tribunal pricing.

Employment law advice for employees in Hastings

Settlement agreements

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement to resolve a potential dispute, then you must seek independent expert advice before signing. It is important to do this promptly as there is a time limit to respond and you could lose the option of a settlement if you do not reply in time.

Our employment lawyers in Hastings can provide fast, expert advice for employees who have been offered a settlement agreement. We can tell you if we believe the settlement is fair or if we believe you may be able to secure better terms. Where appropriate, we can contact your employer and negotiate an enhanced settlement.

Employment disputes

If you believe your employment rights have been breached, we can help. We will provide expert advice on whether a breach may have occurred and, if so, what your options are.

Our team are highly skilled in resolving disputes and, in most cases, will be able to secure a settlement where there is a case for your employer to answer.

Our employment advice fees in Hastings

Fixed fee employment advice in Hastings

For straightforward matters such as settlement agreements, we can often act on a fixed fee basis where appropriate. This means you will know the cost of dealing with a specific matter in advance.

Hourly rates for our Hastings employment lawyers

For more complex matters, we will typically charge according to an hourly rate based on the level of expertise required. We will provide a realistic estimate of costs upfront, including the hourly rates charged by everyone we expect to work on your case.

Employment resources for Hastings

Ashford Tribunal Hearing Centre

This is the local tribunal centre for people in Hastings and the surrounding area handling employment claims.

For more information, including opening times, please refer to the web page for the Ashford Tribunal Hearing Centre.

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