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Our specialist employment team can help you with all of your employment law needs. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach and fast turnaround times, whilst still delivering clear and concise advice on a broad range of employment law topics.

We consider it key practice to understand our client business, its goals and aims and what you want to achieve. The experience and knowledge base of our team enables us to advise you on not only the legal position, but also the practical implications of your proposals, helping you to make a fully informed decision on the impact of the route you want to take.We have particular expertise in providing employment law advice in discrimination, unfair, constructively unfair and wrongful dismissalbreach of contract, collective consultation, family friendly rights, restructures, redundancy, employee exit strategy, executive severance, whistleblowing, TUPE, Data Protection, the law relating to Part-time employees and Fixed Term Workers, Working Time Regulations, unlawful deductions, time off to train or care for a dependant, disciplinary, capability, performance management and grievance procedures.

We can draft bespoke contracts of employment and staff handbooks, tailored to meet your business needs and advise you on how to implement contractual variation across your business.

Our team has a diverse experience of advising a wide range of employers including various NHS and Primary Care Trusts, airlines, schools, colleges, care homes, local government, engineering and manufacturing plants and other SME’s. We are fully aware therefore of the additional terms and conditions of employment that bind workers within the public sectors and the additional safeguarding constraints for example that impact on care related sectors working with children and vulnerable adults.

We are here to help you understand how we can assist your business and so for more information regarding any of the above.

Hopefully most people will face a working life without interruption but there are some who may find their employment coming to an abrupt end when their employer faces a difficult financial period either within the business itself or in the wider economy.  It may be that they will then need to cut costs, close a business or let employees go – this is called redundancy.

If this happens to you it can be an uncertain time causing a great deal of concern about finding a new job and your finances. To help ease some of that worry the government has put in place a scheme for statutory redundancy pay. Some employers may pay a greater amount than is required by the statute but the statutory redundancy framework ensures that every employee who is made redundant will receive a minimum amount of financial compensation.

Our calculator can help you work out what you are required to receive as a minimum if you are faced with redundancy and our team of employment solicitors are on hand should you need us.

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