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Wills and Probate Solicitors in Hastings

It can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing to create a Will or managed a loved one’s estate after their death. Our Will and probable solicitors in Hastings aim to simplify this process so that our clients feel more confident and comfortable when lifetime planning or making arrangements after a death.

How our Will and Probate solicitors in Hastings can help

In Hastings, our Will and Probate solicitors can provide expert guidance and support regarding matters including:

Why choose our Will and probate solicitors in Hastings?

We understand how difficult these matters may be for our clients which is why we offer our services in a sensitive and supportive manner. We are dedicated to satisfying our clients and providing a top-quality legal service.

Many of our solicitors at Stephen Rimmer are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), a leading global association for solicitors who specialise in helping client’s draft wills, administer estates and more.

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We offer all of our new clients a free, no obligation 30-minute chat with one of our specialist Will and probate solicitors planning solicitors.

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Wills and probate services in Hastings

Making a Will

At Stephen Rimmer, we can help you to create a Will, make amends to your existing Will, and provide expert advice regarding these matters. We can help to ensure that your wishes are met in the event of your death, ensuring that your loved ones are provided for whilst making the process easy for you.

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Inheritance Tax planning

In Hastings our solicitors can help you to manage Inheritance Tax, minimising the impact it has on the value of an estate. We can provide expert advice regarding matters like high value estates, planning for inheritance tax, paying inheritance tax, etc.

Find out more about our Inheritance Tax services here.


A Trust can help you to ensure your children and any vulnerable dependents are provided for in the event of your death. This process can be overwhelming but our Will and probate solicitors in Hastings can provide the support you need to set up and manage trusts efficiently and with minimal stress.

Find out more about out our Trust services.


Probate gives you the authority and responsibility to administer the deceased’s estate after their death. As this often requires carrying out the last requests of a loved one, this can be emotionally draining. Our solicitors can provide straightforward legal advice to help our clients mitigate disputes and manage the administration of an estate.

Find out more about our probate and estate administration services.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Our Will and probate solicitors in Hastings can advise you on matters like draft and registers Lasting Powers of Attorney. This process gives someone you trust the legal authority to make decisions regarding your assets, health, and wellbeing if you lose the capacity to do so personally.

Find out more about our Lasting Power of Attorney services.

Court of Protection

Where a loved one has lost the mental capacity to manage their personal affairs and they have not created a Lasting Power of Attorney, you may need to apply to the Court of Protection. This can give you the authority to manage your loved one’s personal affairs for them. Our team are highly experienced with Court of Protection applications, so can help you apply to the Court as well as advising Court appointed deputies on their duties.

Find out more about our Court of Protection services.

Contested Probate

In some instances, you may believe that the wishes a loved one has set out in their Will have not been administrated as they would have liked. In this case, our solicitors may be able to help you contest probate and make a claim against the executor of the estate.

Additional we can provide legal assistance if you are concerned about the validity of the Will or your inheritance.

Find out more about our contested probate services.

Our Will and probate solicitor fees in Hastings

At Stephen Rimmer we can offer straightforward Will and probate services on a fixed fee basis, meaning that you will know exactly what you will be charged for our services from day one.

More complex matters however, must be charged on an agreed hourly rate. Regardless, we will provide a realistic estimate of how much you can expect our services to cost.

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Our Will and probate solicitors in Hastings and the surrounding areas can provide expert support regarding matters like making a will, inheritance tax and probate matters. So that you can feel confident when planning for the future or handling a loved one’s estate.

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