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The importance of commercial contracts for businesses cannot be underestimated. When drafted correctly, commercial contracts provide an essential framework for a business’s ongoing relationships with partners, clients and suppliers. To ensure that all of the terms included in a commercial contract are in a business’s best interests and do not jeopardise these important relationships, it is essential to consult specialist legal advice.

At Stephen Rimmer, our expert team have extensive experience of working with a range of businesses in a variety of sectors on all matters related to commercial contracts. Our commercial contract solicitors offer pragmatic, carefully tailored legal advice that aligns closely with your general business goals.

How our commercial contract lawyers can help your business

Our commercial contract team’s expertise includes:

  • Drafting commercial contracts and agreements from scratch
  • Reviewing and advising on the terms of a proposed commercial contract
  • Reviewing an existing commercial contract
  • Negotiating commercial contracts
  • Breaches of contract
  • Dealing with commercial contract disputes

Why choose our commercial contract solicitors?

Our commercial contract solicitors work with businesses in Eastbourne and across East Sussex, as well as further afield. We have extensive experience with commercial contract matters and are well placed to advise on any associated matter, no matter how complex it may appear.

Our team will work proactively so that we can match your budget and deadlines, keeping your commercial interests protected at all times. Our commercial contract solutions will ultimately add real-world value to your business, allowing you to prevent many issues from arising and providing efficient, cost-effective solutions for issues that cannot be avoided.

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Our commercial contract legal services

Drafting commercial contracts and agreements

If you want to precisely define the terms your business uses to trade with its partners, suppliers and customers, then it is vital that you have a commercial contract that accurately reflects this.

Our expert commercial contract solicitors can work alongside you to draft a contract from scratch, defining the rights and responsibilities of every party that has a stake in the commercial relationship, which will ultimately reduce the potential for disruptions further down the line.

If you are not sure exactly what your aims are, we can work alongside you to inform you of the key issues you will need to consider, and the potential risks associated with your commercial relationship. From here, we can draft a robust commercial contract that matches your requirements, which means you will be legally protected at all times.

Advising on the terms of a proposed commercial contract

If you have been provided a commercial contract to sign, you should never do so without receiving expert legal advice. Signing a commercial contract without consulting a commercial contact expert could mean that you miss key details that will put your business at risk in the future.

Our team can work alongside you to review any commercial contracts you have been offered, making sure that the terms being presented to you are clear and that you are aware of the potential impact on your business. If there are any points of contention, we will make sure they are raised, assisting you in the negotiation process where necessary.

Reviewing an existing commercial contract

The world of business moves quickly. This means the commercial contracts you already have in place can easily become outdated and unsuitable if they are not regularly reviewed. It is therefore good practice to work with commercial contract lawyers who can make sure that all of the terms included are still in your best interests.

We can help you clarify your rights and responsibilities under your existing contract, which can help you to avoid the potential for damaging disputes. We can also help you to identify if the other party has taken any action that is in breach of your agreement and advise you on your options if so.

Negotiating commercial contracts and agreements

There may be certain situations where it is necessary to negotiate the terms of a contact or agreement for your business which will ultimately allow you to fulfil your commercial objectives.

Our commercial contract solicitors can help to define exactly what changes might need to be made, and work with the other parties to reach an agreement on the proposed changes to the terms.

Breach of contract

If you have identified the other party as being in breach of the commercial contract, we can advise you on whether this is indeed the case and discuss the potential options you have at your disposal.

In certain situations, breaches of contract are not necessarily intentional and may be due to the fact that the contract itself is not fit for purpose. Where this is the case, our team can work to amend the details of the contract, ensuring your commercial relationship is maintained.

Commercial contract disputes

If your business finds itself embroiled in a dispute regarding a commercial contract, it is imperative that you seek specialist legal advice at the earliest opportunity. This will allow you to clarify your legal position and what your options are moving forwards.

We can advise on how the details of your contract may affect the outcome of your dispute and help you to take decisive action to address said issues.

We work with our wider commercial litigation team on matters related to commercial contract disputes, ensuring no minor detail is overlooked and all bases are covered.

Our commercial contract pricing

We understand the importance of budgeting when it comes to handling commercial contract matters, which is why we strive to keep our pricing competitive while maintaining the highest standards of legal advice and client service.

For certain commercial contract matters, we are able to offer fixed fees. This means that a price will be agreed in advance of the work being completed, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Where this is not possible, potentially due to the complexity of the work, we will inform you of the hourly rates of the individuals we expect to work on your case. This will give you a realistic idea of your likely overall costs.

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