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Business Debt Recovery Solicitors in Hastings

Successful businesses rely on a healthy cash flow. If your company has too much capital tied up in debts, this can quickly become a problem. Chasing debts on your own isn’t always straightforward, the processes can be both time consuming and complex.

Our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings can offer constructive support, helping you recover debts and improve your cash flow. Our solicitors have strong negotiating skills, and with our support, clients can resolve the majority of disputes using transparent and direct communication. At the same time, our team are robust litigators and can offer advice on many different debt recovery options.

How we can help with debt recovery in Hastings:

  • Letter Before Action and pre-action negotiations
  • County Court claims
  • Enforcement action
  • Insolvency advice, winding up petitions, or bankruptcy proceedings

Why choose our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings?

We aid all types of companies, including limited companies, partnerships, sole traders, small to medium enterprises and large companies. Our team are perfectly positioned to help with all manner of debt recovery requirements. Whether your debtor merely needs encouragement from a solicitor, or you are going through defended legal processes, we can assist you.

Our solicitors are well equipped to deal with high pressured circumstances, including those on flexible budgets, and to tight deadlines. We can assist you whether you need help for one debt recovery case, or you have a large amount of debts that need chasing. To discuss your requirements today, please get in touch.

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How we can help with debt recovery in Hastings

Letter Before Action and pre-action negotiations

The first step in attempting to recover a debt is to send a Letter Before Action to the debtor. Our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings can draft clients a clear Letter Before Action, that defines the claim, requests payment, and sets payment deadlines.

We are also able to support clients using pre-action negotiations, supporting companies to negotiate a settlement with debtors, so that matters do not need to be escalated further. If you are able to reach an early settlement with the debtor, we will draw this agreement up in writing.

If you’re ready to begin pre-action processes, we can provide more information and discuss the specifics of your case.

County Court claims

If we are unable to recover your debt with the use of pre-action negotiations or letters, our debt recovery lawyers can support you to escalate your claim at the County Court.

We appreciate that the thought of Court processes can be worrying, however, our solicitors have ample experience in complex debt recovery proceedings, and will ensure that you are fully prepared.

Our expert debt recovery solicitors in Hastings can also provide general advice to help businesses avoid issues with debtors in the future, with there being several preventative methods we can guide you towards.

Enforcement action

Where your case escalates, and the CCJ decides that enforcement action is necessary, our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings can offer advice, for example:

  • Legal advice on instructing bailiffs to visit the debtor, or contact them
  • Escalating a CCJ to the High Court
  • Obtaining a Charging Order, (allowing you to secure the debt against the debtor’s property)
  • Applying for a Third-Party Debtor Order, (allowing you to take the owed funds directly from a third party, for instance, the debtors bank account)

Insolvency advice

Where debtors have no way to repay their debts, we can provide legal advice on insolvency proceedings. Our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings can assess the debtors’ finances, and determine whether this is the best option.

If the company has been made insolvent already, we can assist you to prove your debt, and claim back what’s owed by contacting the Insolvency Practioner.

Where insolvency is not the most suitable option, we can advise on alternative options, for example, starting bankruptcy proceedings against the individual.

Winding up petition

If it is decided that insolvency is the best option to proceed, our debt recovery solicitors can support you to begin a ‘winding up petition’ to make the company insolvent. This is also referred to as ‘compulsory liquidation’.

To begin the process, it is necessary to have evidence that the company cannot pay you, and that the sum owed is equal to or in excess of £750.

Our debt recovery advice fees in Hastings

Fixed fee debt recovery

Our solicitors will be able to handle some debt recovery matters at a fixed fee, for example, drafting and sending a Letter Before Action. This means you will know the cost of dealing with a specific matter in advance.

Hourly rates for debt recovery

For more complex matters, we will typically charge according to an hourly rate based on the level of expertise required. We will provide a realistic estimate of costs upfront, including the hourly rates charged by everyone we expect to work on your case.

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Our debt recovery solicitors in Hastings work with clients all across East Sussex, including Bexhill-on-Sea, Hailsham, Polegate, Battle, Pevensey and St Leonards-on-Sea.

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