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At Stephen Rimmer, our property dispute solicitors can advise clients on a wide range of disputes, removing the stress as far as possible, guiding you through every stage necessary to resolve the matter.

We can assist with various issues, whether that’s disputes with neighbours, boundary disputes, or disputes between landlords and tenants. Our expert team always take a constructive and tailor-made approach, helping you to find a solution as quickly as possible.

At Stephen Rimmer, we can offer you specialist guidance if you are defending Court proceedings, or where you need to raise a claim to resolve a dispute. Before resorting to litigation, we will always attempt to solve the matter out of Court, for instance, using mediation.

At Stephen Rimmer our residential property dispute solicitors can assist clients with all types of disputes, such as:

  • Disputes with neighbours
  • Boundary disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Land registry issues
  • Restrictive covenant disputes
  • Disputes regarding excessive noise

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How we can help with residential property disputes

Disputes With Neighbours

Experiencing disputes with neighbours can be stressful and frustrating, often having a negative impact on your living situation. Attempting to resolve such matters between yourselves may not always be possible, and if so, our solicitors can help you to settle the issue.

We have much experience assisting clients to solve disputes with neighbours, including parking issues, disputes regarding trees and hedges, trespassing, nuisance claims, or any other type of dispute that you are facing.

Boundary Disputes

Neighbours do not always agree on where the boundary line exists between their properties, and as such, boundary disputes are common, for example, where one party wishes to build a fence or a wall, and the other party believes that the construction would infringe on their property.

As well as disputes regarding boundary lines, boundary disputes might involve issues such as rights of way, the position of drains or pipes, wall maintenance or fences and hedges, or responsibilities and repairs.

For assistance to resolve your boundary dispute, please get in touch with our residential property dispute lawyers.

Landlord and tenant disputes

Disputes between landlords and tenants can be tense and often difficult to resolve. When you are struggling to solve matters between yourselves, and you need assistance to protect your legal interests, our lawyers at Stephen Rimmer can help.

We can help with various types of landlord and tenant disputes, including disagreements over rent arrears, problems with repairs and maintenance, or breach of tenancy.

No matter how complex your dispute is, we can assist you to find a resolution, our team can help clients to settle the vast majority of disputes out of Court.

Land Registry Issues

When you are buying or selling a property, the transfer of ownership must be officially registered, via the Land Registry.

Sometimes, Land Registry issues can arise as part of the property transaction process, and in this case, you may need legal assistance to help you resolve these matters. Examples include problems with restrictive covenants, or issues with unregistered land.

Our specialist team can assist you to settle any issues quickly and with little stress.

Forcing or preventing a sale

It is possible for four different parties to jointly own a property, and joint ownership arrives with many benefits. However, issues can arise if, for example, if one property owner wants to sell, and the other owner does not. Under these circumstances, the individual wishing to sell will have to apply to Court in order to force the sale.

At Stephen Rimmer we can assist clients with Court proceedings whether they are looking to force a sale, or prevent one.

We appreciate that being in either situation can be tense, and can ensure practical and sensitive guidance, helping you to achieve a favourable outcome.

Restrictive covenant disputes

Restrictive covenants refer to any legal obligations that the owner of a certain property or land is required to follow, as per the Title Deeds.

Our expert residential property solicitors can assist with all types of restrictive covenant disputes, including, disputes regarding how a piece of land is developed, how a certain property is used, or limitations on how a property can be renovated.

We have much experience assisting clients to resolve disputes using alternative dispute resolution processes, such as collaborative law, or mediation.

Noise disputes

Whether you are raising an excessive noise claim or defending one, our solicitors can help you. We appreciate that being involved in such situations can be tense, having a negative impact on your daily life.

We will first attempt to resolve your dispute using mediation, helping you and your neighbour to discuss matters, and attempt to reach a solution that’s acceptable to you both. Where alternative dispute resolution fails to resolve matters, we can guide you through the necessary Court processes.

Residential property dispute FAQs

What is a residential property dispute?

A residential property dispute refers to a disagreement regarding a residential property issue, usually where this disagreement requires legal intervention.

Examples include disputes between neighbours, between landlords and tenants, or disputes regarding restrictive covenants and property usage.

How do you solve a residential property dispute?

To resolve a residential property dispute you will need to seek the support of a specialist solicitor. Your solicitor will be able to support you to resolve the dispute using an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation or negotiation.

Where the dispute cannot be resolved out of Court, your lawyer will assist you through the necessary Court proceedings, to settle matters.

What are the common types of residential property disputes?

There are many different types of residential property disputes that may arise, including disputes with neighbours, landlord and tenant disputes, forcing or avoiding a sale, and restrictive covenant disputes.

How much does it cost to solve a residential property dispute?

How much it costs to solve a residential property dispute depends on the type of dispute, how complex the case is, and which method is used to solve it.

When you first make contact with our experts at Stephen Rimmer, we will start by evaluating your case, allowing us to provide an accurate estimate of your fees from the outset.

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