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Advice and representation from expert speeding offence solicitors

If you have been charged with a speeding offence, you could lose your licence. If you plead guilty or you are found guilty, you could receive 3-6 penalty points on your licence or a driving ban as well as a fine of up to £1,000, or £2,500 for a motorway offence. If you need to keep your licence, you are strongly advised to speak to experienced speeding offence solicitors.

At Stephen Rimmer, our road traffic solicitors routinely help motorists deal with prosecution for speeding. We know how important the freedom to drive can be, particularly if you need your car to get to work or to care for your family. We will put together a robust defence on your behalf and do all we can to protect your licence.

We have many years of expertise in assisting motorists and a strong track record of success in dealing with speeding.

Our legal services for speeding include:

  • Advice and representation for police interview
  • Advice on the best approach for your case
  • Defence if you intend to plead not guilty to speeding
  • Appealing a speeding fine

We also deal with a full range of other motoring offences, including causing death by dangerous driving.

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How we can help with speeding offences

Advice and representation for police interview

You will not necessarily be required to attend a police interview for speeding, but if you are, taking legal advice beforehand will help ensure that you do not inadvertently damage your case. We can explain what to expect and go through your case with you so that you know what you are likely to be asked and what the facts are.

We can attend the interview with you to make sure that your rights are observed and that you have the support and guidance you need.

Advice on the best approach for your case

If you have been notified of a speeding offence, we can advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you and the options open to you.

We will look at issues such as the speed you are accused of reaching and how far in excess of the speed limit this was, as well as other factors such as whether this is a first offence and any potential defence you may have.

We can discuss the potential penalties you might receive and look at whether you have a valid defence or a special reason which might reduce the sentence imposed if argued successfully.

Defence if you intend to plead not guilty to speeding

If we establish a defence, then we will put together a robust case on your behalf to present to the court. For example, it may be that you were not driving or that there was no visible sign on the road showing the speed limit.

Our speeding fine solicitors have extensive court experience and will ensure that your defence is as strong as possible.

Appealing a speeding fine

If you have received a speeding ticket and you wish to appeal this, you will need to go to court. We can advise you of the strength of your appeal and represent you where necessary.

Speeding offence FAQs

Is a speeding ticket a driving offence?

Speeding is a criminal offence. If you are issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, this is an offer to settle the matter out of court. If you accept the notice and plead guilty, you will be given a penalty in respect of the speeding. This is likely to be 3 points on your licence plus a £100 fine. Alternatively, you may be offered the option of attending a speed awareness course.

If you are stopped by the police, you are likely to receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution. You have 28 days to respond to this and it is essential that you do so. You can request more information from the police if you need it and also speak to a solicitor if you wish to contest the charge.

Can you lose your licence for speeding?

Yes. You can lose your licence for a single act of speeding if it is a serious offence. This includes driving at speeds over 100mph, driving at more than 30mph above the speed limit and speeding with aggravating factors, such as speeding near a school or in dangerous road conditions.

Motorway speeding fines and penalties can also be more substantial than on other roads, as the speeds involved are likely to be higher and speeding more dangerous.

You can also lose your licence if the points you receive take the total number of points on your licence to more than 12 over a period of three years. If you are a new driver and have had your licence for less than two years, then you will lose your licence once you have 6 points or more.

How long do speeding offences stay on your licence?

Speeding points will be valid for three years and be endorsed on your records for four years. This means that if you commit another offence during the four-year period, the court can take the points into account.

Is it worth getting a solicitor for speeding?

If your licence is important to you and there is a chance that you have a valid defence or a special reason for speeding, then a solicitor can ensure that your case is presented strongly.

Even 3 or 6 points on your licence could be a problem if it happens again or you have already accrued points.

In deciding whether to approach a solicitor, you should consider whether there are any factors that could constitute a defence, such as a question over the accuracy of the speed camera if you are sure you were not speeding or a failure by the authorities to properly indicate the speed limit with clear signs.

What are special reasons for speeding?

You may have a special reason for speeding. This could be a mitigating factor, but it will not be a defence. As a mitigating factor, it could persuade the authorities to impose a lesser penalty than they might otherwise have done.

By way of example, if there was a genuine emergency and you were speeding because of this, it could be a mitigating factor. You would need to provide evidence of the special reason.

How long does it take to get a court date for speeding?

The police need to start the court process within six months of the offence. It could take much longer than this to receive a court date, depending on the workload of the Magistrates’ Court.

How much does a solicitor cost for speeding?

The cost of a solicitor for speeding offences will depend on the work required to put together your defence. At Stephen Rimmer, we can discuss your case with you and give you a costs estimate at the outset.

Our speeding tickets lawyers are often able to deal with matters on a fixed fee basis, so you will know exactly how much your case will be.

We provide a comprehensive service, ensuring that you have advice tailored to your circumstances and expert representation.

For more information, please feel free to call us or see our Road Traffic Offences – Pricing page.

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