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If your relationship isn’t working out, but you cannot or do not want to get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution, a separation agreement could be just what you need. Our friendly, practical family solicitors can talk you through your options and help you sort out the best solution to the challenges facing your family.

Your happiness is our top priority (as is the happiness and welfare of your children). We will provide all the advice and support you need to separate from your spouse or civil partner, reducing stress and making the experience as smooth as possible.

We offer a free, no obligation 30-minute chat with one of our specialist separation agreement lawyers to all new clients.

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What is a separation agreement?

A separation agreement, or ‘deed of separation’, is a legal document that you can use to end your relationship with your spouse or civil partner.

The purpose of the agreement is to untangle your lives and sort out important questions about your finances and children, like you would if you were getting a divorce or dissolution, but without officially ending the marriage or civil partnership.

This means that your separation can be temporary, perfect if you and your partner haven’t yet decided whether to go your separate ways for good.

It will set out your agreement about where you will live, how your finances should be divided, and arrangements for children. For example, you separation agreement could include:

  • Who should live in the family home
  • Agreed living arrangements for the other partners, such as agreeing a budget for rented accommodation
  • How money, such as savings and money in joint bank accounts should be divided
  • How to arrange more complex finances, such as investments, second properties, business interests and international assets
  • How to arrange debts, such as the mortgage/rent, bills and loans
  • Ongoing maintenance payments to ensure both partners have a decent standard of living after the separation
  • Where the children will live and other matters, such as:
    • Decisions about their upbringing
    • Child support payments

If you eventually decide to get a divorce or civil partnership dissolution, a separation agreement can often form the basis of your financial settlement, saving you a lot of time during this (often stressful) process.

Is a deed of separation right for you?

A separation agreement may be right for you if:

  • You need some time apart from your partner but haven’t yet decided if you want to get divorced and permanently end your relationship
  • You do not want to get divorced for cultural, religious or personal reasons
  • You cannot get a divorce or dissolution, for example, because:
    • You have not been married long enough
    • Your partner does not want to get a divorce or dissolution and you cannot satisfy the legal ground for divorce (the irretrievable breakdown of the relationship)

If you are concerned or confused about whether a separation agreement is the right option for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to provide tailored advice.

How our separation agreement solicitors can help you

Our separation agreement solicitors are here to offer you a sympathetic ear and practical advice about separating from your partner. We can:

  • Help you negotiate the terms of your agreement, including using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation
  • Ensure you fully understand what the terms of the agreement mean and your legal rights
  • Ensure the happiness and welfare of your children is put first at all times
  • Put your agreement in writing
  • Provide advice about the next steps, including applying for divorce or dissolution, providing conveyancing advice if you need to sell your home, or resolving other legal problems

As well as advice about separation agreements, we can advise you on applying to court for a legal separation, which may be an option if you and your partner cannot agree between yourselves.

Why choose our specialist separation solicitors?

We are a team of family law experts and have been accredited by the Law Society for Family Mediation and Children Law.

Our team includes several members of Resolution, a national network of family law professionals who are committed to helping families find constructive solutions to their problems without going to court (wherever possible).

We are proud of our high client satisfaction rates and ability to provide a warm, welcoming environment to individuals and families. We are people before we are lawyers and deeply understand the pressures of marriage and civil partnership. Our family lawyers will always put your interests first and adhere to the Resolution Code of Practice to help us provide the right level of advice and emotional support.

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