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Separating your finances fairly is essential in divorce as it allows both parties to move on and start living independent lives as soon as possible. While many people fear that a court battle is inevitable, with the right legal support and a constructive approach, it is usually possible to achieve an amicable divorce financial settlement saving you time, money and stress.

At Stephen Rimmer, our highly experienced divorce finance experts work with a wide range of clients in Eastbourne, Hastings and across East Sussex. We can provide clear, sensible advice and representation to help you get suitable divorce financial settlements in a way that matches your needs and priorities.

How we can help you with divorce & finances

Our divorce finance experts can guide you through all of the issues you may experience in relation to the financial side of your divorce, including:

  • Your financial rights during divorce
  • Child maintenance
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Making a voluntary divorce settlement
  • Going to court for a Financial Remedy Order
  • Using a Consent Order to make a voluntary settlement legally binding

Why choose our divorce finance solicitors?

With decades of experience handling both straightforward and more complex divorce financial matters, our team can offer expert guidance on how to get a fair financial separation that protects your interests.

We are accredited by the Law Society for Family Mediation with several of our team being trained mediators, so can offer this highly effective alternative to court proceedings for your divorce financial settlement. Many of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, an association of over 5,000 family lawyers committed to reducing conflict in family law.

Our team consistently achieves very high customer satisfaction rates, with many of our new clients coming via recommendations from current and former clients. 

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Our divorce financial advice services

Advice on your financial rights during divorce

Many people are confused about their rights during divorce. While the starting position under the law is that all of a couple’s assets should be split 50:50, in reality it is more common for assets to be divided according to what is fair for each party’s needs.

Our team can provide clear advice on your rights with respects to assets including:

  • Your family home
  • Second homes, holiday homes and other properties
  • Pensions
  • Savings, shares & investments
  • Businesses
  • International assets

We can also advise on your rights with regard to child maintenance and spousal maintenance.

Making a voluntary divorce financial settlement

In most cases, it is possible to agree divorce financial settlements voluntarily. This is usually achieved through constructive negotiation or mediation. The advantages of these approaches are that they usually allow you to separate your finances much faster, with less conflict and lower legal fees. It also allows you to keep your finances and the details of your settlement private.

Our team are highly skilled in negotiation with several of our family lawyers being trained mediators. We can therefore give you the best chance of achieving an amicable settlement that matches your requirements.

Applying to a family court for a Financial Remedy Order

If you cannot agree a financial settlement voluntarily, then you may be able to apply to a family court for a Financial Remedy Order. This means the court will decide how your assets should be split.

Only married couples or those in civil partnerships can apply to the Court for a Financial Remedy Order and they must be in the process of, or have got, a divorce. However, unmarried parents are able to make a claim against the other parent for financial provision.

Our divorce solicitors have strong experience in applications to the family courts, so can assist with preparing your application and ensure you have the best possible representation for any hearings that take place.

Applying for a Consent Order to make a voluntary settlement legally binding

Where you agree a divorce settlement voluntarily, it will not be legally binding and cannot be enforced if either party chooses not to meet their side of the agreement. By applying for a Consent Order, you can make the agreement binding on both parties, providing security for the future.

In your application to the court, you will need to explain how you intend to split assets such as money, property and savings. The Order can also include details on spousal and/or child maintenance arrangements, which enables the family court to enforce these if the maintenance is not paid. A court will only issue a Consent Oder if it feels the agreement settlement is fair to both parties.

A Consent Order can be applied for at the decree nisi stage of a divorce and becomes legally binding when the Decree Absolute has been granted in the divorce proceedings.

We can assist you with applying for a Consent Order, making sure the application is completed accurately and that your agreement is fair to both parties, giving you the best chance of having a Consent Order granted smoothly.

Our divorce financial advice pricing

The cost of achieving a financial settlement is an important consideration, so we will always make sure our approach and costs involved are proportionate to the outcome you need to achieve.

We work hard to keep our overheads down, allowing us to offer high quality legal advice at an affordable price. We also offer a number of fee structures to match your circumstances.

Our divorce finance experts are able to offer fixed fees for some matters, such as individual sessions of mediation or applying for a Consent Order. This means you will know the exact costs involved upfront.

Where you have more complex requirements and need ongoing support, we will charge for the time we spend dealing with your matter. In such cases, we will tell you the hourly rates charged by everyone we expect to work on your case and give a realistic estimate of your likely overall costs.

We are able to offer deferred fee arrangements where appropriate, allowing you to cover our legal fees from your divorce settlement once it has been agreed.

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