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Our online service can help you start drafting your Will.

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Why Choose Stephen Rimmer LLP?

Start your Will online with us and get the advice and expertise that’s right for you including:

      • a follow up appointment with a Wills solicitor
      • expert Wills advice without travelling to our office (unless you want to)
      • professionally prepared Will, tailored to your circumstances
      • support and legal advice from an experienced Wills solicitor
      • Stephen Rimmer LLP is authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Start your Will in 5 Easy Steps

We’ll guide you through some of the things we need to know to begin your Will – answer what you know, leave anything you’re not sure of.

We will make contact to arrange an appointment. This can be at our offices, online, on the telephone or if you have mobility issues at your home.

You’ll meet with a Wills lawyer at a time you choose. You can discuss anything you’re not sure of and fill in any blanks.

The appointment will be between 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.

You’ll get a draft of your Will to check everything is OK before signing.

Once you are happy you’ll sign your Will and it will become a valid document.

Once validly signed we’ll send you a signed copy for you to keep and store the original safely here.

To use this Wills online service, you must:

    • live in England or Wales
    • be over the age of eighteen
    • be able to read, write and understand English
    • be able to confirm your information over the phone and in writing

Our Will writing fees

Simple Will

Single £225 + VAT £270 inclusive of VAT
Joint (mirror) £300 + VAT £360 inclusive of VAT


Single £175 + VAT £210 inclusive of VAT
Joint (mirror) £225 + VAT £270 inclusive of VAT

Hourly rates for our Will writing services

For more complex matters involving estates, our Wills solicitors will charge according to agreed hourly rates. We will tell you the hourly rates charged by everyone we expect to work on your case and give a realistic estimate of your likely overall costs.

How can we help you?

Call us today on 01323 644222 to get the specialist help you need.