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Is it time for a Legal Checkup?

When should you consider a legal checkup?

A change in circumstances such as moving home, having children, getting divorced or starting a business will mean that you need to review what your and your family needs to be properly protected.

Take our FREE legal review and find out if you have everything covered.

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In seven short questions about your personal circumstances you will receive a free unique report highlighting any areas of concern that may be beneficial to you and your family.

Why should you consider a legal checkup?

If you are about to or have recently had a change in circumstances then a legal checkup can potentially save you time, stress and money by providing you with professional advice from a lawyer about any legal risks.

Are you…

  • Getting married? Unless you have made a Will in contemplation of marriage with very specific wording then getting married automatically revokes an existing Will. You may also want to think about updating how your home is owned and perhaps life insurance polices or bank accounts.
  • Getting divorced? As well as help with the divorce itself you’ll also need to review your existing Will and estate plans.
  • Had a change in your financial position? Any significant change in your finances could have an impact on the estate planning you have put in place.
  • Looking for a fresh legal perspective? Business owners will often look at things through the lens of profit or business-oriented factors, having a lawyer go over your papers can allow them to view things without the competing business pressure that can be a distraction.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should take our free legal checkup and get your personalised report.

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