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Our online service can help you get divorced in England or Wales. As long as you’ve been married to your spouse for more than a year, you can now take all the necessary steps at a time or place that suits you.

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Why Choose Stephen Rimmer LLP?

Start your divorce online with us and get the advice and expertise that’s right for you including:

      • a follow up call from a divorce solicitor
      • expert divorce advice without travelling to our office (unless you want to)
      • professionally prepared divorce papers, tailored to your circumstances
      • support and legal advice from an experienced divorce solicitor
      • Stephen Rimmer LLP is authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Get Divorced in 5 Steps

We’ll guide you through some of the things we need to know to begin your divorce – answer what you know, leave anything you’re not sure of.

You’ll speak to a divorce lawyer at a time you choose. You can discuss anything you’re not sure of and fill in any blanks.

The call will be between 9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday.

You’ll get a copy of your divorce papers to check that everything is OK before submission.

We’ll send your divorce papers to the court. They will send a service of the application to your spouse if you have submitted a sole divorce application.

Once your spouse has confirmed to the court that they agree to the divorce, we’ll complete your divorce on your behalf.

To use this divorce online service, you must:

    • live in England or Wales
    • have been married for at least one year
    • be able to read, write and understand English
    • be able to confirm your information over the phone and in writing

Getting an agreed, uncontested divorce with Stephen Rimmer LLP costs:

    • £900 including VAT.
    • Court fee of £593. This is in addition to our fee.
    • The total of £1,493 being our fixed fee, VAT and the Court fee are payable for the divorce only and does not include any additional costs dealing with financial assets or children matters.

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