Traditionally law firms, banks and other professional executors have been permitted to charge a fixed percentage of the value of an estate, much like the fixed commission charged by an estate agent for the sale of a property.

At Stephen Rimmer LLP we do not consider this to always be a fair model for charging or in the best interests of our clients and estate beneficiaries.
We seek to apply a fair and transparent fee for the work undertaken. However, it is not always possible to know at the outset precisely what work might be needed.

In the circumstances we like to give our clients two options;

Fixed Fee

Probate Fee Calculator

This Probate Fee Calculator is designed to give you an estimate of the likely costs of us dealing with every aspect of the administration of the estate for you. There may be some aspects you can do yourself and we are always happy to discuss how involved you want us to be and how the costs will be affected.

All estates vary, don't worry if the values of assets or debts in your estate fall outside the ranges specified in our calculator below - just give us a call on 01323 434414 and we will be delighted to help.

General Details

Intestacy is when someone passes away without leaving a Will.
An executor will be named in the Will. An administrator deals with the estate if no Will is left.

We need the number of different companies, not accounts (e.g. if the deceased had 3 accounts with HSBC this would be 1 company).

Value £ Number

Houses, flats or commercial property owned by the deceased.
Values can be from £0 to £9,999,999
Values can be from £0 to £4,999,999
Values can be from £0 to £4,999,999
Values can be from £0 to £9,999,999
Any assets held outside of England & Wales (if you are unsure call an expert on 01323 434414).
Values can be from £0 to £999,999


Value £ Number

Values can be from £0 to £49,999
Values can be from £0 to £999,999
Values can be from £0 to £999,999
Values can be from £0 to £999,999


Your details please, we won't use them for any other purpose.


We can provide a fixed fee at the outset of a matter. Once the fee has been accepted it will not change unless the original information we are given is shown to be incorrect. Any changes may result in the fee generated going up or down. If you would prefer the certainty of a fixed fee you can get an indication of the likely fee by using our calculator above.

The fee generated is subject to assessment by a member of the Stephen Rimmer team.

All estates vary, so don’t worry if the values of assets or debts fall outside the ranges specified in our calculator – just give us a call on 01323 644222 and we will be delighted to help.

Our fee includes;

• Full estate administration from beginning to end
• Identifying, verifying and valuing all assets based in England and Wales
• Preparing the necessary documentation for the Grant of Probate application and applying to the Probate Registry
• Arranging payment or reimbursement of the funeral account (providing the estate owns assets that can be liquidated)
• Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax matters of the deceased but excludes the cost of completing historic tax returns or addressing existing unpaid tax and penalties (any work required in that regard can be separately quoted)
• The registration of a jointly owned property in the survivor’s sole name but excludes the conveyancing fees for any sale or transfer to beneficiaries
• Preparing the accounts of the estate
• Payment to all the beneficiaries ensuring the accurate distribution of the estate

Our fee excludes;

• Any disputed Will or claims against the estate (although our Dispute Resolution team will be able to quote separately for this)

• Administering foreign assets
• Disbursements paid to third parties such as the probate court fee, land registry fees or estate agents commission
• Varying an estate or setting up a Trust (although we can provide you with a quote or fixed fee to do this)

Estimated fee

We can provide an upper estimate based on the extent of the work anticipated, calculated using the hourly rate of the expert involved and, where appropriate, an uplift to reflect the importance of the matter and consequent responsibility on the firm. More information on this can be found here.
The final fee charged may vary from the original upper estimate. It may be less if less work is required than first anticipated or it may be more if more work is required. However, we would not exceed the original estimate without first notifying our client, explaining the additional work needed and providing a revised estimate.


Probate and Estate Administration in England and Wales is not a reserved legal activity which means that unregulated providers can offer Probate Estate Administration services irrespective of whether they are adequately insured, experienced or qualified.

Stephen Rimmer LLP is regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our Private Client Department includes specialist Probate Solicitors, Lawyers and Executives giving you the reassurance that your Probate affairs are being dealt with by a regulated organisation that you can trust.

All fees are subject to our normal terms and conditions and we retain the right to make the ultimate decision on the way we charge where we have been appointed executors in the Will.