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Why divorce happens?

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Ben Bradshaw

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Was January really peak divorce season?

Traditionally, there is an increase in the number of couples who file for a divorce during January, as well as an increase in the number of people who are more tentatively searching for relationship advice. This might explain why January is often referred to as an unofficial divorce month'.

This trend has been proven by relationship charity Relate, who have previously reported that they experience a huge increase in the number of calls they receive during January compared to the average month, as well as an increase in traffic to their website.

In fact, in January 2019, Relate stated that visits to their website were up a staggering 84% over the first three working days of 2019.

This trend is not just exclusive to the UK, either. A 2016 report from the University of Washington collated data about divorces over a 14-year period between 2001 and 2005, finding that there was a consistent rise in divorce proceedings beginning in January.

Why do couples divorce in January?

There are a number of different potential reasons for the increased number of divorces that traditionally take place in January:

Post-Christmas Breakdown

For many couples, January comes at an awkward time. While the Christmas period brings some families closer together, it can also drive a wedge between couples, due to the added stress that comes with the festive season.

It may also be the case that couples put off filing for a divorce until the Christmas period is over for the sake of their children or the rest of their family. That means January is usually the first available opportunity for couples to separate.

Financial Concerns

The financial strain that Christmas spending can have on a relationship is another factor which may contribute to the increased level of divorce activity in January.

Financial issues can frequently lead to friction between couples, which may be a factor in the increase in the number of divorces see at the start of each year.

A Clean Slate

January often signals the start of something new. For some, that might mean making a fresh start when it comes to their relationship.

If someone believes that their relationship has hit rock bottom, starting divorce proceedings is a clear signal that you are ready to make a break and start afresh.

Will January 2021 see further divorces?

It is clear to see that January was a busy month when it comes to divorces and, given the additional pressures that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on many couples, the start of 2021 saw an even bigger increase in the number of divorces compared to usual.

This may have been increased by the fact that the UK entered a third national lockdown at the beginning of the year, which means couples who found it difficult to cope during the Christmas period are having their relationship tested even further now.

How our divorce solicitors in Eastbourne and Hastings can help

At Stephen Rimmer, our expert divorce solicitors can provide sensitive, practical advice if you are separating from your partner. We can work with you to get a fair outcome that protects your best interests, as well as helping to keep conflict to a minimum.

We can provide support on a wide range of divorce related matters, including initiating and responding to divorce proceedings, finances and arrangements for children.

Our Family Law team are accredited by the Law Society for Family Mediation and Children Law. We have very high customer satisfaction rates, with a large percentage of our new business coming via recommendations from current and former clients.

Several of our team are members of Resolution, which is an association of family lawyers committed to removing unnecessary conflict from family law. We follow the Resolution Code of Practice to resolve matters in a constructive, non-confrontational way wherever possible but our divorce solicitors will act firmly to fight your corner if necessary.

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