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One year on – thoughts from our trainee, Lara Harriette

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Lara Harriette started her training contract with Stephen Rimmer LLP just over a year ago. We asked her about the experience she's had to date.

"I’m really enjoying my first year at Stephen Rimmer.

I have had a 6 month seat in Family and I am now in our Criminal Department. I will be qualifying into Criminal in September 2023. I have started my police station accreditation portfolio and look to also qualify as a police station rep in 2023.

I have experience in applying for legal aid, drafting proof of evidence and comments on prosecution witness statements and drafting bail variation applications. I also assist our qualified solicitors when at court. I have worked with our solicitors, barristers and our clients in prison, at the police station and in the office.

I really enjoy my work in the Criminal dept as I meet so many different people from different walks of life, every day is different which constantly keeps my mind ticking."


To find out more about what it's like to work at Stephen Rimmer LLP you can also watch our video here.

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