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Trainee perspective – what’s it like to work at Stephen Rimmer LLP?

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Isabella Mullarkey started her training contract with Stephen Rimmer LLP in September 2021. One year on, we asked her about the experience she's had to date.

“I started in September last year with 6 months in the Conveyancing department – I had not thought about working in this area before and it was all new to me. I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed learning about each part of the property transaction.  Eventually I was able to follow a file through from beginning to end. The conveyancing team were very supportive and so much fun to work with and I really enjoyed my time in this department.


I then went on to complete 3 months in the Family Department – here I had a mixed experience of care proceedings and private work. I attended Court with counsel, took initial calls from clients where I could get further information about their case and reviewed paperwork for clients who were separating. Although I enjoyed my time in the department and learned a lot, I couldn’t see myself working in the Family as I found it difficult that the children were affected the proceedings.


I am now in the Criminal Department – which is where I will be staying until I qualify in September 2023. I'm undertaking the Police Station Accreditation Scheme which will allow me to advise clients at the police station. I have meetings with clients both in the office here in Eastbourne, as well as in prison, to take their instructions, proofs and comments. I also attend court and help the solicitors in my team with legal aid applications and PEP forms. I really enjoy the variety that working in crime brings to the job day to day.


The majority of my work experience prior to starting at Stephen Rimmer’s was in crime which is where I developed my interest in wanting to work in this sector. I was apprehensive about working in other areas as I may have found that I enjoyed something else more, however since being back in the department and working in it every day, it has solidified that this is the right area for me! "


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