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Thinking of Mediation? Consider this…

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Lawyers can all too often fall into the trap of arrogantly implying "I know what is best for you; ignore my advice at your peril!" Those who are not used to promoting a familyto find their own solution can lackthe humanity to understand: who are they to dictate how your family should be reorganised?

Mediation can enable a family to develop their own solution in a controlled and perhaps less intimidating environment which is likely to avoid your dispute needing to be taken in court. It often works better in terms of reaching an agreement with regards to children and parents as individuals.

Mediation can work for you, but some will need to be helped to come to the table at the right time in the relationship bereavement process. You need to feel ready to consider those life changing decisions and it will be then that you will find the mediation forum the right place to express them. The agenda for Mediation can be styled to enhance your life path to their future.

Wendy Still and John Stebbing of the Family Department at Stephen Rimmer LLP are qualified Mediators and dedicated to offering focused and practical Mediation sessions for those who have suffered a breakdown in a relationship, child and divorce scenarios and many more family disputes.

If you are interested in the idea of resolving your dispute via the means of Mediation or would simply like to find out more, please contact us on 01323 434415 or by email

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