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Our approach to client continuity during coronavirus

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All of us at Stephen Rimmer LLP want to reassure our clients that we continue to work as usual and are here for you. The Government has re-introduced some Covid restrictions in England "Plan B" and we continue to take a cautious approach with 'business as usual' as far as possible.

We understand that this is a difficult time both emotionally and financially and we remain committed to supporting our clients and local businesses through these challenging times.

Please note therefore;

  • All our staff continue to work either in the office or remotely to ensure service continuity for our clients.
  • We ask clients to have telephone or virtual meetings (we can facilitate this as necessary) rather than attending the office in person
  • We urge visitors to our building to continue wearing a face covering (unless exempt)
  • We would request that you pay money to us by bank transfer rather than send a cheque
  • We continue to review the Department of Health's guidelines and should any of our staff test positive for Coronavirus or show signs of Covid-19 such as a high temperature, new continuous cough or loss of smell or taste they will self-isolate.

Low infection rates will help ensure we have the staff available to provide our services and we continue to closely monitor the government's advice and will respond and take further steps as and when required.

If you have lost someone in your family due to Covid our team could help you to get answers by becoming part of the public inquiry. 

If your matter is an emergency call 01323 644222 or email enquiries@stephenrimmer.com and we endeavour to help you as much as possible.

As a business we are totally committed to our staff and clients health and wellbeing. With your help we can try to limit the spread and effects of this virus.

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