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New Divorce Law to end blame game

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You will, no doubt, have heard seen in the news that there is to be a new divorce law which, thankfully, has nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit and the UK divorcing the EU.

The purpose of the new law is to take away the resentment between the parties in respect of the divorce process itself, no longer blaming one party over the other when a marriage comes to its end.

The new law is not yet in force.  Parliament has to allocate time (again, Brexit has dominated every aspect of every day life for so long) to pass it first.  Current law demands proof that a marriage has broken down irretrievably and forces spouses to evidence 'unreasonable behaviour' or years of separation, even in cases where a couple has agreed to part ways.

However, in the meantime, one of our experienced family lawyers can still help you with all aspects of separation from the divorce itself, sorting out issues concerning children, or any concerns you have over your financial matters.

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