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Preparing for Completion Day

So, you've exchanged contracts and moving day is fast approaching. Start to notify all of the necessary Companies about your change of address in plenty of time. Use the following checklist[download id="3194"] to tick off each one as you do it. You can buy pre-printed cards from all good stationers, if you prefer. The Post Office also offer a redirection service which will forward on any mail that slips through the net for up to a year after your move.

Bank/Building Society Electoral Register ⌈ ⌋
Building/Contents/Pet Insurance Council Tax/Parking permit ⌈ ⌋
HM Revenue & Customs Gas ⌈ ⌋
Credit/Store Cards Electric ⌈ ⌋
Rental/Hire Purchase Water Companies ⌈ ⌋
Private pension Mobile ⌈ ⌋
Savings/Bonds Home telephone ⌈ ⌋
Life Policies Loyalty Cards ⌈ ⌋
Employer TV Licence ⌈ ⌋
Catalogue Companies Cable/Satellite ⌈ ⌋
Magazine subscriptions Other ⌈ ⌋
School/College/Nursery ⌈ ⌋
Library ⌈ ⌋
Milkman/Supermarket delivery ⌈ ⌋
Gym/Golf Club ⌈ ⌋
Newspapers ⌈ ⌋
Solicitor if they are retaining Deeds/Will⌈ ⌋

Start preparing to pack as early as possible, use this time to have a clear out and a declutter. Under the terms of the contract, you must ensure that you remove from the property all items not included in the sale, remembering this includes items in the loft, the outhouse, the garage and the shed. You can pack away the items you rarely use in order to save time and stress at the last minute, pack away those kitchen items and Christmas items that you will not need before the move, books, ornaments, DVD collections even out of season clothes.

2 Days before you move

If you have children and pets try to arrange for them to be looked after by friends/relatives on the day itself.

Ask a plumber to come the day before you move and disconnect the washing machine/dishwasher - most removal companies are not insured to do this for you.

The Day before you move

Aim to finish the packing today apart from kitchen and bathroom essentials. Make sure each packed box is clearly labeled with the room name they are destined for. Pack a "survival" bag with essentials such as toilet rolls, light bulbs, candles, a few basic tools, a list of important telephone numbers, your child's/pet's favourite toy and mobile phone chargers. Pack your jewellery and any valuables in this bag and on the day lock the bag in your car.

Arrange to save enough space outside your house for the removal van to park outside in the morning.

Empty/defrost your fridge/freezer unless you are only moving a short distance and have arranged for the food to remain inside. Sort through your kitchen cupboards, throw out any out of date items, and ensure all jars are tightly sealed.

Prepare a "kettle box" with the kettle, cups, teaspoons, tea, coffee, sugar etc. Some cold drinks, biscuits and wet wipes are also good to put in the box. Label it clearly and make sure it is last on and first off the removal van or goes with you in your car. The contract might suggest that the property you are moving to needs to be empty, ready for you to move into by 2pm on the completion day, but in practice you may not be given the keys until after this time.

If necessary or if you have no Sat Nav, print off the directions to your new property using AA Routeplanner and pack these in your survival bag.

Charge up your mobile and then pack the charger into your "survival bag".

It will undoubtedly be a long day, but you will have your new home waiting for you at the end of it and we hope it will be a place for you to make many happy memories for years to come.


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