St Wilfrids Hospice Wills Talk

St Wilfrid’s Hospice Wills Talk

Stephen Rimmer Solicitors held another free seminar for the volunteers, staff and members of St Wilfrid’s Hospice today. We covered topics such as why making a Will is important, what needs to be considered when thinking about your Will, Inheritance Tax and Charities and Lastings Powers of Attorney. If you would like any make information on…


How is a whistleblower protected?

We all see things at work that we think, “Maybe that’s not the best way to do things.” However, it’s quite a leap from that point to becoming a full-on whistleblower. When things go past the ‘that’s not right’ stage and verge on the illegal, immoral, or just downright inept, then who steps up to…

lottery financial scam

How to spot a financial scam

A ‘scam’ is a slang term used to mean personal fraud. This usually comes in the form of a communication that convinces us to part with our money to claim a reward or help someone in trouble. We’ve all been affected by a scam at some point in our life, though fortunately most of us…

girl in school uniform holding books

What is the law on school uniform?

It’s nearly time for the kids to go back to school, and for parents, this can be a very expensive time of the year. Not only are there all the usual essentials to buy, but also those big-ticket purchases, like a new school uniform. School Dress Codes The majority of schools in the UK have…

Mark Poulton gifting Compass Community Arts

Compass Community Arts

Eastbourne Round Table have made a donation of £500 to Compass Community Arts who are a local charity that have been delivering a wide range of creative projects throughout Eastbourne and the local area since 1996. Mark Poulton Head of our Commercial Department recently handed over a cheque to them as pictured here.

buy property

What are the best student mortgages?

Exam results have been released and new students know where they will be heading for university.  Following the relief of results day, the next big headache for parents is often the search for accommodation, whether for first-timers looking at student mortgages or returning students. Should you buy or rent? Faced with high rental costs, shortages…

debt recovery

What can debt recovery companies really do?

Debt recovery is a term that strikes terror into business owners and individuals alike. The image of burly men banging on the door and taking away all your worldly goods hasn’t been helped over the years by the media’s portrayal of debt collectors on TV. However, there are limits to what debt collectors and court…

lady using a computer mouse

Can I have time off work if I have the menopause?

Employers are being advised to review their support for women experiencing problems in the workplace because of the menopause or risk compensation claims, following an employment tribunal ruling.     Menopause in the workplace Mandy Davies had an unblemished 20 year service record, but was sacked by the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service (SCTS) following an incident that…