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A smooth home move experience

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Jack Prosser, a partner in our residential conveyancing team helped clients with the sale and purchase of their new home.

Client Feedback:

"Jack, at Stephen Rimmer, was a pleasure to work with and his team, always there if we had a question or problem, would have no problem recommending him. Great job Jack and team."

Mr and Mrs Smith needed to sell their property and purchase a new one.  The transaction went smoothly thanks to clear communication, proactive problem solving, and careful execution. It all led to a happy outcome for the clients in just five months

Background: The clients, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, were looking to sell their current property and purchase a new home in a different area.  They were existing clients of the firm and reengaged with Jack at Stephen Rimmer, to guide them through the complexities of the process.

Initial Consultation and Instruction: Jack and his team conducted an initial consultation with Mr. and Mrs. Smith to understand their requirements and preferences. Once they gave the go-ahead, we  started the legal process for both the sale and purchase.

Property Searches and Due Diligence: The conveyancing team conducted comprehensive property searches and due diligence to identify any potential legal issues or problems affecting both the property to be sold and the one to be purchased.

Negotiation and Agreement of Terms: Jack and his team helped facilitate negotiations between everyone involved, including the sellers of the new property and the buyers of the clients' current home. They made sure that all the terms met their clients' requirements.

Drafting and Review of Contracts: The conveyancing team prepared and reviewed all necessary legal documents, including contracts of sale and purchase, to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

Exchange of Contracts: After settling the details, contracts were exchanged between the parties, sealing the deal legally and establishing a timeline for completion.

Completion and Handover: On the agreed-upon completion date, the conveyancing team actioned the transfer of funds, finalised all legal paperwork, and oversaw the handover of keys, ensuring a smooth transition for both the sale and purchase transactions.

Why It Was a Success:


Efficient Communication: Jack and his team maintained open lines of communication with Mr. and Mrs. Smith throughout the entire process, providing regular updates and promptly addressing any queries or concerns.

Proactive Problem-Solving: In instances where obstacles arose, such as resolving legal issues or coordinating with other parties involved, Jack and his team proactively sought solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to the transaction timeline.

Right On Time: We wrapped up both the sale and purchase in just five months, just as Mr. and Mrs. Smith hoped.


In Summary:


Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s successful move with the help of Jack and his team at Stephen Rimmer showcases how smooth and straightforward moving can be with the right support. The praise from Mr. and Mrs. Smith highlights our commitment to making every move a happy one for our clients.


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