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Been Pulled Over by the Police?

Been Pulled Over by the Police?

Have you been pulled over by the police for a road traffic offence? Are you feeling stressed out and wondering what’s going to happen now?

The charges for road traffic offences are all different depending on the type of offence, plus any relevant underlying circumstances. Most importantly though - the charge you receive, or don’t receive, depends on your legal support. Frankly, the stronger legal defence you have, the more chance you have of getting let off!

One thing’s for sure, if you’re facing a road traffic offence charge, it’s important to understand your situation, and what you can expect.

To help you out, our legal gurus have created this straightforward guide. Here we cover all the key information you need, including which driving offences are criminal offences, a breakdown of drink driving and drug driving, driving whilst disqualified, legal funding options, and more. Don’t hesitate, get clued up and improve your chances of a better outcome!

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