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Many of us spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace, so the environment we work in and the relationships we form are very important.

At Stephen Rimmer, we are well adept to dealing with all sorts of employee problems. We recognise how distressing a workplace problem can be and are always happy to chat to you first, before arranging a more formal interview.

Our Solicitors have significant experience in bringing claims for discrimination, unfair and wrongful dismissal, breaches of the public interest disclosure act (otherwise known as whistleblowing), unlawful deductions from pay, breaches of the working time regulations, data protection, contract and wrongful dismissal and many more.

It is not always the case that if you find yourself in dispute with your employer, your case must go to Tribunal. Some employers are willing to take a commercial view and pay compensation backed by a settlement agreement (‘formerly known as a compromise agreement’) to bring litigation to a close. We regularly advise on settlement agreements both in connection with private businesses and public authorities. If you have been handed a settlement agreement and require independent legal advice in order to sign the agreement off, please do give us a call. 

There are various ways of funding the cost of litigation, even if you do not personally have the means. Certain household and motor insurance policies provide legal expense insurance which may fund an employment claim. https://www.stephenrimmer.com/services-for-individuals/employment-2 https://www.stephenrimmer.com/services-for-individuals/employment-2 https://www.stephenrimmer.com/services-for-individuals/employment-2Alternatively, and if you have a good case to answer and sufficient compensation due to you, we may be able to fund it using a Damages Based Agreement, under which we take a percentage of whatever you recover.

The majority of employment claims have a limitation period of 3 months from the date of the act complained of within which to issue your claim.  So, if you have an employment related query that you would like some advice on, please call us. The sooner we can meet you and start negotiations with your employer, the more likely we are to be able to broker a settlement on your behalf and avoid issuing a claim.