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Prison Law

We appreciate that the prison system can be frustrating, slow and confusing. Our aim at Stephen Rimmer LLP is to assist in any possible way to resolve the issue and to do so in a manner that is straightforward and accessible to the prisoner.

Prison Law matters are supervised by Miss Noelle Magennis. Stephen Rimmer LLP are one of a few law firms in the County authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to carry out Prison Law Work.

Our dedicated Prison Law Department can assist in providing advice and assistance to both serving and remand prisoners with a wide variety of prison law issues which can include:-

Recall – For breaking licence conditions, poor behaviour and the commission of new offences.

Adjudications – or ‘nickings’ where a prisoner is accused of breaking prison rules and is entitled to advice and sometimes representation at prison. A prisoner can receive up to 40 extra days by a Judge so legal representation can be extremely important to avoid extra days being added to any sentence.

Parole Applications – If the prisoner has completed the ‘tariff’ of his/her sentence or if he/she is now eligible for discretionary release, we can assist by submitting representations on behalf of the prisoner in support of his/her release. We also represent prisoners who are scheduled to appear before a Parole Board Panel for the purpose of an oral hearing.

Treatment Problems – A prisoner with mental health problems, placed in solitary confinement or ‘the block’, experiencing bullying or violence or discrimination, attempt suicide or self harm or any other issues which are having a significant impact on their well being.

Release on temporary licence – We can assist a prisoner to obtain a temporary release from the prison as part of their sentence progression or for compassionate reasons.

Re-categorisation – Advising and assisting a prisoner’s progress through their sentence to improve their chances of parole release.

Applications for early release – (Home Detention Curfew ‘HDC’ or for Detention Training Order ‘DTO’) We can assist and advise prisoners on the test for release and ensure that the prison governor is correctly assessing the eligibility criteria.

Sentence Planning – We can assist Prisoners, particularly who are serving long sentences by providing advice and assistance to ensure that they are managing courses and their time in prison efficiently to maximise sentence progression and release on parole.

Resettlement – Applications for early release, parole and re-release following recall require suitable accommodation to which the prisoner can be released and requires specialist legal advice and intervention.

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