Just a few lines to say how grateful I am for your professional and sympathetic help and guidance during my recent divorce... I really appreciated your patience and calm, reassuring manner when explaining​ complex matters.

Funding Your Case

At Stephen Rimmer LLP we undertake both privately funded and public funded matters so seeking assistance may not cost you anything.

We have for many years held a contract with the Legal Aid Agency (formerly the Legal Services Commission) to provide publicly funded advice and representation in criminal matters.

How we are paid will depend on what you have been investigated for and/or charged with, and also whether you are financially eligible for Legal Aid. The vast majority of cases are eligible for legal aid and you will not incur any fees or charges from us until you instruct us to proceed.

Where appropriate we will discuss with you whether publicly funded help might be obtained in relation to your matter and whether or not you would be eligible. If you are in anyway uncertain about this then please contact our Crime Team on 01323 644222

Police Station

Everyone is entitled to FREE LEGAL ADVICE AND REPRESENTATION at a police station. Our Crime team will look after you throughout the course of the police investigation and also attend bail returns and identification procedures FREE OF CHARGE.

Magistrates Court

If you have been charged with a criminal offence you can apply to the Court for a legal aid.

Whether or not the Court will grant you legal aid depends on the outcome of an interest of justice test and means-test. We will assist you in making your application for legal aid.

It is much better for you to apply for legal aid before you go to Court so that we have as long as possible to prepare your case.

We will offer you an appointment at our offices prior to your hearing date at the Magistrates Court for the purposes of making an application for legal aid.

In order to assist us in making an application for legal aid you will need to bring with you to the appointment, your charge sheet, bail sheet/summons and any other papers provided to you. You should also bring in details of your income/outgoings. If you are working you will need to provide us with your 4 most recent wage slips. If you are claiming benefits you must provide confirmation of the amount of benefits you receive.

Crown Court

If your case goes to the Crown Court for trial you will automatically qualify for legal aid once you have completed an application form.

This also applies if you already have legal aid in the Magistrates’ Court and your case goes to the Crown Court. This however does exclude appeals against conviction and sentence from the Magistrates’ Court, where a separate application for legal aid will need to be made.

After you have been means-tested you may have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your legal representation. This can be from your income whilst your case is ongoing and/or from your capital, if you are convicted of an offence.


If for whatever reason you are not eligible for legal aid, charging rates for privately funded work are calculated on a case-by-case basis. We offer a very competitive fee for representation so please contact our Crime Team on 01323 644222 for a no obligations quote.