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Motoring / Driving Offences

Motoring / Driving Offence?
We have a specialist team who will help you.

Many people only become involved with the Police and Courts in relation to driving / motoring offences. If this sounds like your situation, we can assist. There are many different driving offences and whilst some may result in a fine, others may attract penalty points, disqualification or even a custodial sentence. Whatever the offence, having to attend Police stations and/or Courts for questioning can be traumatic and to some, very distressing. We are specialists in this legal area with a team of experienced solicitors and police station representatives ready to help you. Examples of work we can assist you with include:
–  Excess Alcohol (Drink/Drive)
–  Drunk in charge of a motor vehicle
–  Failing to provide a specimen (in charge or vehicle driver)
–  Disqualification (including driving whilst disqualified)
–  Totting up (penalty points)
–  Taking a vehicle without consent
–  Dangerous (including death by dangerous driving) and Careless Driving (including death by careless driving)
–  Driving whilst using a mobile phone
–  Failing to stop and report an accident
–  No Drivers License
–  No Insurance
–  Defective Parts

We will take the time to carefully look into your case and to provide the best possible advice using our experience and specialist knowledge and consider if appropriate whether you have any defence or mitigating circumstances. These may include:
–  Hipflask defence
–  Duress of circumstances
–  Exceptional Hardship
–  Special Reasons

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Even if you intend to plead guilty we can assist you. Magistrates usually have discretion (depending on severity) in the sentence they might give you. We will act as your advocate, explaining why you should receive a lesser sentence.

Will you face exceptional hardship if you lose your license? Do you have special reasons? If so, you might be entitled to keep your license even though you have committed the offence.

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