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Financial Disputes and Insolvency

Insolvency Proceedings can be a useful alternative form of Litigation.

We are able to advise on pursuing debtors and/or defending bankruptcy in the case of individuals, or winding up in the case of companies.

The legal and factual issues involved in insolvency matters can be complex and the notices required must be dealt with in a prescribed way.

When used properly, as part of an overall strategy, Insolvency Proceedings can be a useful additional tool to bring any dispute to a fast conclusion. Equally, there is a danger that this approach can lead to wasted time and costs. For these reasons it is certainly best to consider the impact of the insolvency route at the outset, and we are happy to begin by speaking with you informally to assist you in achieving this.

We have acted for numerous clients; companies and private individuals, in both defending and pursuing insolvency orders. We would be happy to discuss whether this may be the most appropriate route to resolving your problem.