Family Law Team

Grand Opening of our new Family Law Office

Our Family Law Department have been providing expert advice and representation to individuals and families seeking legal assistance in Eastbourne and the surrounding area for almost 30 years.  The new dedicated office space at 21 Lushington Road, with improved facilities for confidential meetings with clients, is just a few minutes’ walk away from our firm’s…

Care for the Carers

Care for the carers

  We have been a longstanding supporter of Carers’ Card scheme in East Sussex.  The Carers’ Card offers carers has three functions; identifies you as a carer in an emergency emergency respite plan (the CRESS card) a discount card for local businesses (including us!) #CarersRightsDay

buying online

Safe Buying Online

You’ve got less than five weeks to get all your Christmas presents sorted. Now that we’ve got your attention, it’s time to go through some timely advice about safe shopping online. How do you keep your credit card details secure? Do you have a ‘cooling off’ period if you change your mind? Are online sellers…

employment rights

Brexit: Employment rights?

It could be a little risky reporting this, as by the time you reach the end of this article things could have all changed, such is the nature of the twilight hours of the Brexit process. But the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has issued a new warning that even if the UK and…